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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

DisneyWorld - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Well, another Disney trip has ended. We had a really good time. Unfortunately, there are some not so nice things about being in DisneyWorld.

1. There are various attractions where guests are asked not to use flash photography. Why, oh why, do some people think that means everyone except them! (Rhetorical question). That flashing ruins it for others.......assholes!
2. The buses are supposedly at their destination about every 20 minutes. Reality........we waited at times more than a half hour. In the heat of Florida, that is not nice!
3. I found items for sale at Epcot (Mexico) that were "Made in China." That was disappointing.
4. I know that jobs can be boring and frustrating at times, but at DisneyWorld, you expect the "cast/workers" to be happy. Some are very obviously not happy.

On the plus side:

1. The luau was wonderful. The show was great.
2. We were on the meal plan and I was not disappointed. (The spaghetti in Italy was the best!). Pot Roast in Prime Time Cafe. Damn, that stuff is good!
3. The wait staff in all the restaurants we ate in were top notch. They really earn their tips.
4. I love the different languages and accents. To me, that's a big part of Disney. So many people from so many parts of the world.
5. The dinner at Whispering Canyon was so much fun! Every time someone needed a bottle of ketchup, a wait person would yell - Ketchup over here!!! Then someone from different tables would bring ketchup to that table. The table next to us had 19 bottles of ketchup!
6. Fireworks.............what can I say?
7. We were at the campground and they put a show on (actually, they go to all the resorts) at the beach. Boats come up with a single green light and when they get to the beach, they put on a fantastic light show.

I guess if I live long enough, we'll go back in a couple of years. I'm Disney'd out right now, but I'll probably be ready again by then.


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